Religious Books

The Religions Book , as the title indicates, is a book where you can find the origin and the most punctual elements, such as sacred texts, founders and relevant preachers, central ideas, evolution and ramification, key chronology, highlighting geography, average census of adepts, significant divisions, etc...

Religious Books
  • Pure Holy Gangajal Water (1)

    RoliMoli Pure Holy Gangajal Water Tirthas in One


    Pure gangajal holy water for puja. It is 100% pure and has the Bacteriophage bacteria which has power of self-cleansing. While flowing from the Himalayas, Gangajal brings natural effect of Herbs, available in Himalayas.

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  • RoliMoli Havan Mango Wood/Aam Ki Lakdi 900 Gram


    Rolimoli Any venture starts with invoking the blessings of the Almighty for success. As part of the holy fire in the invocation is a bundle of sticks called in Sanskrit, “Samithu”. Samithu (wood used for homam) : erukku, purasu, karungali, nayuruvi, arasu, athi, vanni, arugam grass etc. Samithu is the bundle of dry sticks with which the fire is invoked in any Homam. The sticks of Erukku, Purasu, Karungali, Arasu, Athi, Vanni that fall down themselves and get dried are collected and bundled for offering to God by invoking fire. Also, the dried grasses like Nayuruvi, Arugan, etc. also forms part of Samithu. For those who are doing self enquiry they may be having yagna in which all the thoughts are the SAMITHU.

    • 100 % Organic and Dry.
    • Havan Samithu.
    • Used for Havan.
    • Used in different rituals, occasions.
    • Box contains: Havan samithu or havan fire wood ,mango wood, aam ki lakdi.
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