The Religions Book , as the title indicates, is a book where you can find the origin and the most punctual elements, such as sacred texts, founders and relevant preachers, central ideas, evolution and ramification, key chronology, highlighting geography, average census of adepts, significant divisions, etc...

  • Apple Stand Diya Star Holes Shape (1)

    RoliMoli Apple Stand Diya Star Holes Shape (Pack of 2)


    Now add a beautiful essence of Diwali in your room by placing this beautiful designer Diya from the house of Rolimoli . Made from premium quality material, these diyas are safe to use. With a unique design, this diyas will change the decor of your room and make it appear lovely. Apt for this festive season, let this diya beautify your surroundings in no time. Illuminate your room with this diya and it is sure to catch the attention of the onlookers at once. You can even gift this wonderful diya to your loved ones this Diwali.

    • Material: Brass, Color: Gold.
    • It is made of High quality Metal.
    • Sturdy and easy to carry The feet keep it balanced to ensure safety.
    • It is a perfect gift for Diwali , wedding , house warming , Anniversary or festive occasions.
    • Illuminate your room with this diya and it is sure to catch the attention of the onlookers at once. You can even gift this wonderful diya to your loved ones this Diwali.

    10 in stock (can be backordered)

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  • RoliMoli Havan Mango Wood/Aam Ki Lakdi 900 Gram


    Rolimoli Any venture starts with invoking the blessings of the Almighty for success. As part of the holy fire in the invocation is a bundle of sticks called in Sanskrit, “Samithu”. Samithu (wood used for homam) : erukku, purasu, karungali, nayuruvi, arasu, athi, vanni, arugam grass etc. Samithu is the bundle of dry sticks with which the fire is invoked in any Homam. The sticks of Erukku, Purasu, Karungali, Arasu, Athi, Vanni that fall down themselves and get dried are collected and bundled for offering to God by invoking fire. Also, the dried grasses like Nayuruvi, Arugan, etc. also forms part of Samithu. For those who are doing self enquiry they may be having yagna in which all the thoughts are the SAMITHU.

    • 100 % Organic and Dry.
    • Havan Samithu.
    • Used for Havan.
    • Used in different rituals, occasions.
    • Box contains: Havan samithu or havan fire wood ,mango wood, aam ki lakdi.
  • RoliMoli Gulab Pash Sprinklers Gangajal and Perfume (Gold) (1)

    RoliMoli Gulab Pash Sprinklers Gangajal and Perfume (Gold)


    Brass Sprinklers product is one of its kind brass Product in the world. We use the world’s purest brass and the finest technology in the production of Braas products. We are leading brands of a wide range of brass, Copper and Wooden products including Brass Gulab Pash, Brass Coffee Mugs, Handicrafted items, Home decor items and gift items. Our main objective is to establish consumer satisfaction in the domain of manufacturing and exporting high-quality brass,copper and wooden products and our other products.

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  • Paro Pyali Brass Puja Diya (1)

    RoliMoli Paro Pyali Brass Puja Diya (Height: 2.4 inch)


    A Pure Brass Hand Crafted Akhand DiyasDecorative gift item for Diwali, Housewarming, Durga Pooja or any festival. Great gift for your loved ones.Beautifully designed Brass Paro Pyali Diya Best use for Puja Purpose. Brass enhance Your Home decor with this Beautiful Brass Handmade Diya Especially use for puja Purpose.

    10 in stock (can be backordered)

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  • RoliMoli Yellow Cotton Janeu


    It is given as a Popular Puja item and is also an important ingredient of Donation (Daan) to Bhramins Janeu or Yagnopaveeth or sacred thread is worn in India since a very long time. It has a big religious importance in Hinduism The strands of the thread stand for purity of thoughts, words and deeds of the wearer.

    • This Yagnopaveeth is made from the highest quality thread
    • Quantity : 1 Qty, (20 pcs)
    • These janeu are made from pure cotton.
    • This is a full sized Yagnopaveeth. Janeu is used in each and every pooja like Ganesh Pujan, Maa Laxmi Pujan, Satnarayan Paath etc.

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  • Akhand Jyoti Brass Diya (1)

    RoliMoli Akhand Jyoti Brass Diya (Height: 2.5 inch)


    Akhand table diya (oil lamps) is made of pure bronze metal and its golden color will make your worship house even more attractive. Used in ancient times as a source of decoration and lighting, Diya is an oil lamp which is ignited by vegetable oil or ghee Indian butter. Brass is considered as religious and auspicious metal.

    10 in stock

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