Festive Decor

The Religions Book , as the title indicates, is a book where you can find the origin and the most punctual elements, such as sacred texts, founders and relevant preachers, central ideas, evolution and ramification, key chronology, highlighting geography, average census of adepts, significant divisions, etc...

festive decor
Festive Decor
  • Akhand Jyoti Brass Diya (1)

    RoliMoli Akhand Jyoti Brass Diya (Height: 2.5 inch)


    Akhand table diya (oil lamps) is made of pure bronze metal and its golden color will make your worship house even more attractive. Used in ancient times as a source of decoration and lighting, Diya is an oil lamp which is ignited by vegetable oil or ghee Indian butter. Brass is considered as religious and auspicious metal.

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  • white cotton janeu (1)

    RoliMoli White Cotton Janeu


    It is given as a Popular Puja item and is also an important ingredient of Donation (Daan) to Bhramins Janeu or Yagnopaveeth or sacred thread is worn in India since a very long time. It has a big religious importance in Hinduism The strands of the thread stand for purity of thoughts, words and deeds of the wearer.

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  • RoliMoli Kuthuvilakku Traditional South Fancy Kerela


    A beautifully designed oil lamp for placing at entrances and using for inaugration ceremonies. Detachable set, with easy and simple assembly at home. Made of solid brass by master craftsmen.

    • The product consists of five faces (accommodates five cotton wicks/thiri) Kuthu vilakku.
    • Classic India oil lamp for formal or fesive occasions.
    • It is mainly used during all the important festivals like Karthigai, Diwali to mention a few.
    • It is one of the best item for gifting during the festivals, family celebrations and other customary rituals.
    • Easy maintenance and strong metal makes it easier for a long-lasting usage.

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  • Pure Holy Gangajal Water (1)

    RoliMoli Pure Holy Gangajal Water Tirthas in One


    Pure gangajal holy water for puja. It is 100% pure and has the Bacteriophage bacteria which has power of self-cleansing. While flowing from the Himalayas, Gangajal brings natural effect of Herbs, available in Himalayas.

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  • Bhog Thali Plate (1)

    RoliMoli Bhog Thali Plate


    Rolimoli The item is highly durable, elegant and a wonderful addition to your home decor. It can be readily turned into a wonderful Anniversary, Wedding, Diwali, valentine item. It also makes a great accessory for everyday use, and during any Pooja, you perform and makes life beautiful.

    • Package contains 5 pcs Set – Thali with 1 Glass, 2 Bowl and 1 Spoon
    • It is a beautiful Design handcrafted Puja Thali.
    • 100% Best Quality Steel Plated Pooja Bhog Thali for Laddu Gopal
    • One of the best Gifting option for any occasion like for Janmashtami and other festivals

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  • RoliMoli Pure Cotton Cloth for Pooja (1)

    RoliMoli Pure Cotton Cloth for Pooja – Set of 2


    Rolimoli A good quality cotton cloth of 1 meter for pujan purpose. Altar clothes for putting on deity pedestals;thrones and for offering to deity idols. These clothes are also used in ritual ceremonies. Laying an altar cloth is a sign of respect towards the deity. It is also used for pujan ceremonies and rituals.

    • Rolimoli A good quality cotton cloth of 1 meter for pujan purpose.
    • Length: 1 x 1 meter
    • Pack of 2 pieces
    • This item is used as Aasan in Poojan
    • Material type : Cotton
    • These clothes are also used in ritual ceremonies.

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