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  • Rolimoli Yellow swastik Flag Jhanda Outdoor Flag

    Rs. 354.00

    Swastika Jhanda Fabulously Made Required In Religious Celebration. Use At Temple, Home, Prayer Altar Etc. Used For Religious Purposes.   Swastika  Flag Signifies Sense Control And Mind Control That Gives Victory To The Higher Nature Over The Lower Nature.    

  • Rolimoli Unisex Craftsman Wooden Relaxing Acupressure Foot/Feet Massager

    Rs. 284.00

    Wooden acupressure massagers for pain relief improved blood circulation, and pressure points  Using the acupressure points developed from Reflexology to target the best places on the feet to improve your body health  Made with high durable quality Wood that gives you assurance of stability of item  It comes in an attractive finish.  

  • Rolimoli Big Kalawa Moli Dhaga Pack of 2 Thread 100% Pure

    Rs. 265.00

    Color: Red, Yellow, Kalava is the sacred Hindu thread also called Mauli in Hindi. It is worn while performing Hindu rituals like YajnaorPuja. It is tied by a priest on the wrists of all the people attending the prayer ceremony. Kalava is tied on the right hand of males and unmarried females, and on the left hand of married females. Sometimes it has small yellow p ...

  • Rolimoli Orange Cotton Janeu|Sacred Thread Janeu for Puja Made of Pure Cotton Mota Dhaga

    Rs. 219.00

     This Yagnopaveeth is made from the highest quality thread Jane is used in each and every pooja.. These janes are made from pure cotton.  This is a full-sized Yagnopaveeth. Janeu is used in each and every pooja like Ganesh Pujan, Maa Laxmi Pujan, Satnarayan Paath etc.    

  • Rolimoli Natural White Kodi Shells for Pooja

    Rs. 219.00

    Cowries are part of Lakshmi Puja. It is said that like cowrie shells, Goddess Laxmi too originated from the sea, and hence it is considered auspicious to keep some cowrie shells in the house. Using Laxmi Cowrie(Kawadi) shell, Cowries shell, Cowry or Kauri, kaudi, Kodi for Daily Rituals, for Laxmi pooja, puja is considered auspicious and has a place in Hindu relig ...

  • Rolimoli 100% Cotton Gamchha/Angochha

    Rs. 214.00

    Care Instructions: Hand Washes Only Original Madrasi Gamcha with Pure Handloom fabric. These Gamcha can be used for all purposes: in Holy Pooja, for daily use, as bath linen, etc.  La Fabrique brings to you a wide range of Indian Traditional cotton Gamcha. The Gamcha is made up of cotton thread and is thin, soft, quick absorbent, and eco-friendly. Rolimoli brings ...

  • White Cotton Janeu, Sacred Thread for Puja Made of Cotton Mota Dhaga

    Rs. 389.00 Rs. 140.00

    ➤ This Yagnopaveeth is made from the highest quality thread ➤ Janeu are used in each and every pooja.. ➤ These janeu are made from pure cotton. ➤ This is a full sized Yagnopaveeth. Janeu is used in each and every pooja like Ganesh Pujan, Maa Laxmi Pujan, Satnarayan Paath etc. Product InformationIt is given as a Popular Puja item and is also an important ingredie ...

  • Rolimoli Pure Cotton 1 m Cloth for Pooja

    Rs. 263.00

    It is puja cloth it  is used for pujan ceremonies and rituals. This clothes for putting on deity pedestals, thrones and for offering to deity idols. These clothes are also used in ritual ceremonies. Laying an altar cloth is a sign of respect towards the deity. This is pure cotton white cloth of 1 meter. ]

  • Shri Anand Men's Cotton White Dhoti Orange Maroon Dark Blue Stripes 3pc

    Rs. 1,440.00

    This is one of the leading online dhoti selling brands. In this product, Men's Premium Quality White gold-bordered velcro dhotis are made of 100% cotton and highly traditional to wear. The fine quality cotton combined with rich colors along with a bright golden border makes this extremely perfect outfit for the wearer. Our dhotis will lend you a stylish ethnic loo ...

  • Cotton Cloth for Pooja / Pure Cotton Cloth Length 1.25 Meter

    Rs. 149.00

    This item is used as Aasan in Poojan Material type : Cotton Length: 1 x 1 meter. Uses: Our Pooja Aasan Cloth can be used as base of your temple especially on the chowki of any Puja / Hawan or you can place it on Mata ki Chowki, Puja tables, deity thrones, wooden bajot, pedestals etc. Velvet puja aasan are ideal for placing deity idols during puja rituals. It can ...